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Balzaquiando - Part IV, by Danny Balough


1, 2, 30.
Growing up I think we all had an idea of where we pictured ourselves at thirty; which, at the time, seemed like an eternity away. In my case, I just thought I'd have a story similar to that of my parents (much like how I chose my undergrad & career) and maybe in some ways i still do. But as I get closer to the big 3-0 I'm not so worried about how it will turn out. .
People get enveloped in this idea that by the time you turn 30 you should have it all figured out because 'the clock is ticking'. You've finished school, have a career and are expected to be married, possibly with kids and of course - settled down along with a monotonous daily routine (spare me the pain.)
Why should life be about fitting these molds? Why as we get older should we be more inclined to settle for something or someone out of fear of it being 'too late' rather than pursue what we want. I've seen friends and ex's that, in my opinion, rush to fulfill these ill defined dreams and forget that it is the journey that helps create the dream, to achieve the goal, to make the arrival so much richer.
Life is an ever evolving experience that should be appreciated for its beauty regardless of age. My grandparents are 93 and 87 (married 68 years!) - true beauty. And as I approach 30 I'm completely fine that my life hasn't gone according to 'plan', that's part of the excitement of the journey - how boring and unfulfilled it would be if it did. I have my ambitions and goals, as everyone should, but no idea where life will take me. But at least I've learned in the last 28 years to value and find the beauty in all that i've seen, friends i've made, places i've traveled, loves i've had and emotions i've dealt with. If I live life to the fullest I can have no regrets.
Don't sweat the 'milestones' that are expected of you at '30' because honestly, who is keeping score? This is your life and the pursuit of your spiritual happiness. Find your Zen and let it flow naturally.
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Pestaninha disse...

This is my good friend Danimal!!!
I totally agree that "If I live life to the fullest I can have no regrets.".
That's pretty much what I 've been doing 'til now.

Tatu disse...

Proud and Happy I met Dan in my life.Beautiful message!! I am sure your 30s will come ZEN as you deserve and never forget to enjoy every 1,2,3...100 moments in life. Beijos!

Damara disse...

Daniel !!! very nice to see you here ! thanks for your magical words ! Loved this part : "Who is going to score it ?" it is all about society !! have fun in your next 2 years, then you tell us ! lots to learn from you.kisses

Carol disse...

Great Daniel... I'm trying have no regrets! But sometime shit happen... lolol

Dan disse...

damara, im glad u liked it, ill let u know how my 30th bday goes!

Carol, shit does happen, all the time. but at the end, when it's all said and done - i would much rather regret something i did than regret never having done something.